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  • How many days is the piercing training?
    The piercing training is split into two days. The first day will go over all training curriculum, piercing training kit and practice piercing on prosthetics. Then on day two, there will be live piercing demos, practice piercings, Q+A and business strategy.
  • Do I need to be creative to take this training?
    Piercing absolutely requires some form of creativity. It does take a keen eye to see where your clients piercing layout would compliment them best. And of course, styling does require creativity and artistry!
  • Who is this training for?
    Piercing training is for anyone who would like to learn the art of ear & nostril piercing. Not everyone who takes this training will go on to create a career out of it, however, we do provide the resources to get started on that path.
  • Will I be ready to pierce after the two-day training?
    You will be equipped with the tools and training to feel confident in the proper setup and execution of the piercings taught. It is a great place to begin practicing and get started with your piercing career. Piercing is the type of skill and craft that you will continue to hone in on over time after repetitive performance of each piercing.
  • What is required before the training starts?
    You must present a completed and passed Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) certificate valid and up to date for the state you will be getting licensed in. Here is a recommended resource to take this test : Your total tuition must be paid within 1 week of the live in-person training.
  • Where is a good place to stay when I come for the training?
    Upon registration and deposit, we will provide you with resources for our recommended hotels & airbnbs, restaurants and travel specifics. The closest airport is West Palm Beach (PBI) and the next closest is Fort Lauderdale (FLL). Uber is easily accessed from both airports to Jupiter (where our studio is located) and there are plenty of places to stay locally to where the training will be held.
  • How do I begin working after the training?
    Some will complete this training and feel confident enough to kick-start their own piercing career right away. Some may feel they want more time practicing on their own before they get started. Others may find it helpful to seek out an apprenticeship at a studio local to them and work underneath another piercer. There is no one set path once the training is complete, it will be dependent on each student - and we are here to help you navigate that! It is important to note that each state has different requirements to obtain your license. Some require a certain amount of apprentice hours and some do not. Others require you be affiliated with a piercing establishment that has been in business for X amount of years -- it is important that you look up and/or contact your state health department and understand what is required.
  • Who is this training NOT for?
    If you are known to pass out, become ill or unsteady at the sight of blood or needles, becoming a piercer is probably not for you! Piercing does require a steady hand and ability to use your hands, sometimes in very small spaces, like in a nostril! If you have any questions or concerns around your ability to complete this training, please reach out!
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