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Your Future In Beauty Starts Here

Foundational Body Art Trainings & Tools To Kickstart Your Career



Learn from the best. Master the art of creating realistic brows in this comprehensive microblading training. Once complete, you will be ready to begin your microblading business journey.

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The Thirdeye Mission

We believe in creating a safe and comfortable environment. We take pride in our own work and the skills we equip our students with. We have respect for industry standards and value creating a community that uplifts and supports.

Comfortable &
Safe Environment

Top Quality




Ethical Business



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Remi Aliseo

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Remi Aliseo is the owner and curator of Thirdeye Studio, located in Jupiter Florida, and she has been an artist in various capacities for most of her life. Finding the art of PMU and Tattooing was a natural fit for her and curating & training a team of creatives has been a dream. Remi always encourages her trainees to tap into their creativity, find their own unique style and to always put their clients needs, comfort and vision first.

Remi is a natural when it comes to educating and sharing her knowledge in an open-book format. She makes learning a new skill and paving your own way an easy journey to be on. She understands what it takes to become a thriving artist in both the tattoo and microblading industries and your success is what led her to launching Thirdeye Beauty Academy.


Nikki Arensman

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Nikki Arensman is the in-house professional piercing artist at Thirdeye Studio. She specializes in curated, styled ears and nostril piercing utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and sterile processes.

Nikki is a creative at heart and always finds a way of bringing  her clients vision to life in the work she creates. Her ability to make someone feel comfortable and confident in how they show up in the world is what led her to love piercing and ultimately decide to pursue a path in educating others on how to create a thriving piercing business. Nikki brings her 15+ years of business and brand building experience to each training program so that each trainee feels prepared and ready to get started on their new career path.


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